The Workshop

Using AI to solve real world problems

Starting with the basics

AI fundamentals explained

The FutureMakers workshop is designed to be accessible to all young people. We aren’t just focused on those who are interested computer science. It’s all about helping young people realise that anyone can create things and solve problems with AI.

So here’s how the session runs:

We start by providing the students with the building blocks – introducing them to the cognitive skills behind different types of AI NLP/ML/Facial recognition etc.

Design planning

Coming up with a solution

The point of FutureMakers is to get young people to think creatively. So as soon as they’ve been given a basic intro into AI skills, we get them to think of a specific problem they want to solve and how they could design an AI chatbot to do this. They spend the next hour mapping out their design for a bot to solve the problem – detailing  what they want to create and what tasks their AI bot will need to perform.

Building an AI

Building the solution

The students then spend the next 2.5 hours building their bots. We do this using code libraries and API’s. Once the build is complete the students present their AI solutions back to the group. So in this space of a day – we take young people with no prior experience of using AI (apart from chatting to Siri and Alexa) to them building AI bots, using this technology to solve problems that matter to them.