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Technology is getting smarter every day, and it’s all thanks to Machine Learning algorithms. Everyone uses Artificial Intelligence, every day. Siri and Alexa are examples we all know. But did you know AI is all around us? Try our Spot the Bot quiz and see if you can spot where AI is used in tech.

AI is the future – would you like to be part of it?

In our unique workshop with the support of the best tech mentors, you’ll develop your own chatbot using AI to solve a real problem you have experienced in your own world. All within a day!

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Is this workshop for me?

But I’m not a computer science nerd.

As long as you are creative and like to solve problems you’ll be perfect. We’re going to teach you practical AI skills so if you don’t know how to code that isn’t a problem.

What will I learn to do on the workshop?

You will think of a problem you’d like to solve – and how you could design an AI solution. Then using code libraries and API’s you’ll create it and once you’re done, it’s yours to take home with you. 

Will I be working on my own?

No, you will be working in small groups, which will not be awkward – promise. Working in a group allows you to learn from each other and plan your project strategically. As you would in a real-world situation.

Will I be able to use these skills in a job?

Most definitely! While learning to code is valuable, we teach you more practical AI skills. Skills that are not just important for a career in tech – but are applicable to all businesses today. 


Spot the Bot

Do you know which of these well known movie and real-life technologies use AI?

Be careful, some of them might be tricky!

Baymax from Big Hero 6


Does Netflix use AI?


Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy


Agent Smith from the Matrix Trilogy


Does SIRI use AI?


The Transformers autobots


Is Iron Man AI?


Does social media use AI?


Do Tesla cars use AI?


Does Minecraft use AI?


Mark Zuckerberg


Google Home and Alexa




BB-8 from the most recent Star Wars movies


Vision from The Avengers


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