Sage FutureMakers

Create your own tomorrow: AI Workshop

provided by Sage Foundation
Sage FutureMakers

Get hands-on today with artificial intelligence

provided by Sage Foundation
Sage FutureMakers

Providing skills for jobs that don’t exist yet

provided by Sage Foundation

Sage – Inspiring Youth

What is FutureMakers?

Sage FutureMakers falls under the signature program Sage Inspiring Youth and will address the challenges young people face with a changing workforce due to digital transformation. A new set of skills will be required by businesses, where many young people will be doing jobs that don’t exist today. FutureMakers is an opportunity to get young people ready to embrace these changes. We’ll be providing free, interactive workshops for young people, teaching them how to use AI to solve real world problems.

Workshops will be held in the UK, US, South Africa, Spain and France. We hope to help a diverse range of participants aged 13-17 yrs.

Where will the workshops be held?



South Africa

Providing skills to the next generation

Why we’re passionate about FutureMakers

Building skills for the future is about much more than learning to code. It’s also about:

  • Teaching the practical application of AI – this fills a major gap in the current education system
  • Empowering young people from all walks of life and across the globe
  • Allowing young people to use AI to apply their creative problem-solving skills
  • Creating a huge opportunity for future careers

Get hands-on with artificial intelligence

Have you ever wondered how social media channels decide which adverts or posts to show you? Or what videos you’d like to watch and when? Every day you are interacting with AI, mostly without even realising it.

Looking to the future of AI

Is a career in AI for you?

You really should consider a career in AI, there is something for everyone. If you like maths, solving problems, new technology, robotics and computer science a career in AI will be perfect.